Angie Howlett, BSW, Qualified Mediator

Angie is a registered social worker specializing in conflict resolution. She graduated in 2021 from the University of Regina Faculty of Social Work and shortly thereafter pursued conflict resolution training through the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada (ADRIC) and CommonSense Mediation Academy.

She offers individual counseling for those grappling with internal conflict. She uses a strengths-based, motivational-interviewing approach to individual counseling and an anti-oppressive, non-violent lens to identify and dismantle power imbalances. Angie also offers conventional mediation using the understanding-based model to couples, families, and groups including workplaces.

In addition, the understanding-based model of conflict resolution informs Angie’s approach to supporting individuals in resolving any issues or conflicts they may be facing. The understanding-based model facilitates empowerment through self-determination, capacity building, and increased communication.

In addition to specializing in conflict counseling, Angie also specializes in mediating landlord-tenant issues not dealt with through the office of residential tenancies, elder & estate issues, workplace disputes, and other community matters.

As a social worker, Angie uses a trauma-informed lens and recognizes various socio-economic barriers limiting your ability to access counseling and/or conflict resolution services. That’s why she offers flexible counseling sessions outside conventional business hours. She looks forward to connecting with you and supporting you through the conflicts you are facing!