Both Katharine and her husband Sean are available for motivational speaking engagements. Sessions are available in group workshop format, conferences or as individual sessions. Sean and Katharine can be booked together or separately, depending on preference.  

Sean is living a sober life and hopes to positively impact others who may be facing the same situations. Sean’s focuses are on building connections with those who are struggling with addictions, listening to their stories without judgment, and exploring what change might look like for each person.  

Katharine’s story was born out of great personal strength and determination. As a child, she grew up in poverty. In high school she struggled with substance abuse issues and the loss of a close family member, which sent her on an unexpected lifelong journey in dealing with grief and loss. One of Katharine’s primary focuses is the topic of building resilience.  She is passionate about supporting people who are struggling with grief, loss, and substance abuse issues.  

Other topics that Katharine and Sean focus on in their motivational speaking engagements are: how to support your partner through addictions, reconnecting and healing your relationship after trauma has occurred, and how to live a sober life.