Jenna Blahay


Sitting with Jenna, you will feel safe, heard, and respected. People need to feel comfortable to be themselves and be free of judgements in order to heal. This space created between the two of you will be yours for healing and growing. Over a short course of time, you will gain the energy and the tools necessary to achieve ambitious life goals.  
After more than a decade as a registered social worker, Jenna has worked with clients of diverse backgrounds to manage their lives. Her kind, non-judgemental approach has changed the lives of people struggling with addiction, victims of violence, those with a history of trauma, people seeking to mend relationships, career-driven women, and much more. 
Equipped with many tools, Jenna’s main focus is Accelerated Resolution Therapy, or ART. ART is a form of psychotherapy with roots in existing evidence-based therapies, and is shown to achieve benefits much more rapidly. ART is an eye movement therapy that has quick, effective, and safe results treating anxiety, depression, phobias, relationship issues, trauma, grief, and more.
Known for her social activism and innate sense of justice, Jenna believes in creating more spaces for diversity and constantly challenging her own beliefs. She speaks out and listens carefully, empathizes and strategizes, is an energetic teacher and an eager student.